Pixys OS Pie

Amareverything &  Team


Unlocked Bootloader

Treble Recovery


Battery icon customization
– Portrait, Circle, Dotted circle, Text & hidden battery icon styles
– Hidden, Next to the icon & inside the icon battery % styles
– New charging animation Added to Battery Manager from Pixel Devices

Display settings customization
– Font size customization according to percentage
– Toast App Icon (Toggable)
– Lockscreen Charging Info (Toggable)
– DTS(Status Bar) (Toggable)
– 21 Accents Added
– Dark Theme Added
– Black Theme Added

Sound settings customization
– Short Cut to prevet Ring added(Pressing power + volume up)
– Screnshot Sound (Toggable)
– Charging Vibration (Toggable)

Security settings customization
– Auto Face Unlock (Toggable)
– fingerprint Authentication Viberation (Toggable)
– DTS on Lockscreen (Toggable)

Button settings customization
– Volume rocker playback control (Toggable)
– Volume rocker wake (Toggable)
– Volume key cursor control
– Clear All Button
– Navigation bar (Toggable)
– Navigation bar customization

– Pixel ringtones
– Powermenu customization
– Battery light customization
– Lockscreen shortcuts
– New Wallpaper
– OTA Updates support


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